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Streamlining the scheduling of Doctor and Dental office visits and procedures by providing Instant Access secure appointment and procedure Scheduling between the Patient and their Doctor's or Dentist's office.
Our History

Born in a doctor's office

The founder, Connie Cloud, was working as a scheduler in her husband’s medical practice in 2013. Her husband became frustrated with the “phone tag” scenario faced by his schedulers in regard to getting procedures and office visits scheduled. Connie, pointed out that the “old system” of phone calls to schedule patients frequently went to voicemail out of necessity because the scheduler was busy with another call. Once the scheduler was freed up and tried to return the voicemail call, the other party was busy and she was forced to leave a message. Connie suggested that a HIPAA-compliant texting platform might be a solution.

Thinking more about her suggestion, the doctor realized that people can more easily return a text no matter what they were doing and, in fact, would rather utilize texting over phone call and being put on hold or having to leave a message. He realized that the more people can do from their desktop computer or smartphone in the form of hassle-free communication with their doctor's office, the better.

Connie enlisted the support of her good friend and successful businessman, Brian Greninger for the new business. They looked for the appropriate IT/HIPAA-compliant
software engineer and, after an exhaustive search, found IT entrepreneur Todd Kueny of Philadelphia. The three of them formed Instant Access LLC became a reality.

The result was the creation of a platform that allowed schedulers to have ongoing unlimited simultaneous Hipaa-compliant live text conversations with unlimited number of patients, thus eliminating voicemail or on-hold scenarios and missed contacts as well as increasing their productivity 10-fold. For the patient, they can chat on a come and go basis in between office meetings and errands and get the task completed on their schedule from either their smartphone or desktop.

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