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Enter Instant Access. Direct HIPAA-compliant texting platform to your doctor's or dentist's office scheduler, nurse or medical assistant.
"Text when you want-on your schedule"

Schedule your office appointments, telemedicine visits and procedures or communicate with the nurse or medical assistant with HIPAA compliant real time text messaging with your doctor's or dentist's office.

This scenario plays over and over. You have a medical or dental problem or question and need to make an appointment for an office visit, telemedicine visit or schedule a procedure with your doctor/dentist or speak to his nurse or medical assistant to get an answer to an important question regarding your care. You call the office. Rarely does a person answer on the other end. You either get a phone menu, get put on hold listening to repetitive elevator music or the call goes to voicemail. If you are lucky enough to get a person, they usually have to transfer you to the person you need. Once there, the process can repeat itself and you are destined to leave a voicemail. Most of the time, you are at work and have to duck into a meeting and turn your phone off only to emerge from the meeting to find that the scheduler, nurse or medical assistant has called back and left a voicemail on your phone. This whole phone-tag process can go on all day and never allow you to schedule an appointment or get your question answered.

"I am a crane-operater in the Dallas area and the job makes it impossible to conduct any business during work hours as I am not allowed to have my smart-phone up in the crane. I only get 15 minute breaks, making it impossible to get any doctor office appointments scheduled as I'm always getting put on hold or going to voice-mail. Instant Access is used by my doctor and I am able to communicate directly with my doctor's scheduler via hipaa-compliant text messaging and get my appointment scheduled. Thank you Instant Access.
Bill- Dallas

HIPAA-compliant text messaging is easy, direct and can allow an uninterrupted conversation between you (the patient) and your doctor's or dentist's office and can totally bypass the scenario outlined above. Instant Access is a HIPAA-compliant text messaging platform that gives the patient instant access to their doctor or dentist and streamlines the process of scheduling appointments, telemedicine visits or procedures and getting answers to those important medical questions. Just register (for free) and sit down at a desktop computer, laptop or download the Instant Access app from iPhone or Android app store. Then login, locate your doctor on the search or drop-down menu and start texting with your doctor's office. It’s that easy. Oh, if you have to duck into a business meeting, no worries, the scheduler, nurse or medical assistant can handle unlimited text messages at one time on the platform meaning that you can come out of the meeting and continue where you left off. Talk to your doctor or dentist today about Instant Access.

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