What's Instant Access?

Instant Access is a HIPAA-compliant stand alone text-messaging software platform that allows the general public to access their doctor’s office scheduler, nurse or medical assistant directly in order to schedule office visits, telemedicine visits and procedures or ask questions regarding their care.

The service is available via desktop, laptop or smartphone. The service is free to the general public, who can register via the desktop website or via downloadable App from the App store on either I-phone or Android.

The Client or Doctor’s office can register and subscribe to the service on a monthly basis. The patient benefits by direct and instant access to the doctor’s schedulers, nurse or medical assistant, streamlining the scheduling process by granting instant access to the scheduler or instant access to the nurse or medical assistant for answers to their questions regarding their care. Instant Access eliminates voicemails, phone tag and on-hold. Unlike phone communication or chatbots where the patient has to be present the entire time until the communication is finished. The Instant Access hipaa-compliant text messaging platform allows unlimited simultaneous ongoing text messaging interaction until terminated by the user and letting the patient finish their chat on their-own schedule. The doctor’s office benefits by eliminating phone tag and increasing productivity by allowing unlimited simultaneous ongoing texts with patients that either want to schedule an office visit, telemedicine visit or procedure or ask a question regarding their care. Once registered, the general public can login from either (desktop or app) and search and locate client doctor offices. They can click on the specified client doctor and begin texting.

For the doctor clients, they can register and subscribe directly from the website, create username and password for each scheduler and  start texting. They get a 30 day free trial and then are billed monthly until cancelled.

Why Instant Access?

From the patient’s side, the benefits are obvious as the software totally eliminates missed calls, voicemails, on-hold wait-time and lets the patient finish the text messaging session on their own schedule totally streamlining the patient-doctor communication experience.

From the doctor’s side, it increases scheduler productivity as one scheduler can now manage unlimited on-going texts which should translate into less missed procedures and appointments, higher patient satisfaction and less employed man-power required. The average employee with benefits costs a practice
$35-45000 per year vs instant access cost at $3000 per year. It also frees up the office phones.

Increase scheduler productivity

"The average employee with benefits costs a practice $35-$45000 per year vs instant access cost at $3000 per year."

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How Instant Access Works

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