What's Instant Access?

Instant Access is a HIPAA-compliant stand alone patient communication and collaboration platform that allows doctor & dental offices (Client) to provide patients with Instant Access to their scheduler, nurse or medical assistant directly via desktop, iphone app or android app in order to schedule office visits, telemedicine visits and procedures.
It can also provide instant access to your nurse or medical assistant.
The platform allows unlimited simultaneous ongoing scheduling requests increasing the productivity of your schedular or schedulers ten-fold.
Outpatient surgery centers, outpatient imaging centers and hospital systems (Client) can utilize the platform to provide Instant Access from physician office schedulers to their scheduler for the scheduling of their patient's procedures or xrays.
Doctors and Dentists can register and subscribe directly from the website, create username and password for each scheduler and start scheduling. They get a 30 day free trial and then are billed monthly until cancelled.

Why Instant Access?

Communications, whether between Patients and Healthcare providers has to be both efficient as well as provide the "stickiness" that leaves the patient feeling invested in the communication and likely to follow thru with the appointment or procedure. Phonecalls and talking to a live person result in the ultimate "stickiness", but lack in efficiency and convenience secondary to missed calls and voicemail. In addition, today's consumers are busy running errands, working, in meetings etc and dont have time to wait around for a return call from a provider. Bots and website widgets allow access but require both parties to be present until the task is completed or start over. Thus not efficient and does not provide " stickiness". Messaging by email or portal is more cumbersome and not as convenient. Hipaa-compliant text messaging via secure app allows the patient to quickly get the task completed in either a quick or delayed fashion depending on the consumers time limitations. Making the texting platform on the scheduling side capable of unlimited simultaneous texts at one time allow the consumer to complete the desired task on their schedule until the task is completed resulting in the ultimate convenience, efficiency and providing the satisfaction and "stickiness"of communicating with a real person. That is the central theme of INSTANT ACCESS.

From the provider’s side, it increases scheduler productivity as their scheduler(s) can now manage unlimited on-going texts which should translate into less missed procedures and appointments, higher patient satisfaction and less employed man-power required. The average employee with benefits costs a practice
$35-45000 per year vs instant access cost at $3000 per year. It also frees up the office phones.

Increase scheduler productivity

"The average employee with benefits costs a practice $35-$45000 per year vs instant access cost at $3000 per year."

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How Instant Access Works

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